A Brief PSA on Accessing This Site

If you visit the Green Wolf front page today, you’ll notice that, over in the right upper corner, there’s a little popup. It’s not an ad or a virus–it’s a message. Today, September 10, is the Internet Slowdown, a protest against the major American ISPs that want to make some sites load more slowly if they don’t pay an extra fee. Right now, every site loads at the same rate–with variation according to their own servers, how much stuff is on the page loading, etc., but they still get the same amount of juice from your ISP. If Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner and AT&T get their way, only the sites that pay extortion fees will have fast loading times. The rest? Well, remember when everything was on dial-up?

So what do you do? When you see that popup, don’t close it–click on it. Or head straight to Battle For the Net for more information on what you can do to preserve internet neutrality. After all, you wouldn’t accept your cable company giving you cut-rate access to television channels that didn’t pay their extortion fees, so why should you accept less than the best internet access for your money?

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