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Artistic patronage has a long history dating back thousands of years; wealthy people would give artists financial and other support, and in return the artists would create beautiful works on their patrons’ behalf. These days you don’t have to be rich to be a patron–in fact, for just one dollar a month, you can be my artistic patron!

My Patreon account allows you the ability to send me a fixed amount of money each month. In return, you’ll get monthly perks and other bonuses, including but not limited to:

–Exclusive work-in-progress pictures, sneak peeks of blog posts, and other content viewable only by my patrons
–A monthly profile of a particular animal, plant or other nature spirit
–Subscriptions to various artistic creations like my books, necklaces and pouches, complete cabinets of curiosity, headdresses, costuming, ritual tools and more
–Special thank-you gifts when my monthly donations from patrons reach certain milestones; you could get a hand-drawn card, a natural history specimen, or even an entire book only offered to my patrons

Through patronage, I’m able to have a more solid monthly budget; this helps me to plan for paying basic bills, buying more materials for upcoming projects, and even planning out time to write my next book. And it’s one more way you can show me that you value my work and want to incorporate it into your life.

Want to get started? Click the image below!


If you just want to give a one-time tip as a token of appreciation for my work, I also have a Ko-Fi account. You can give me as many virtual “coffees” at $3 each as you like; payment is via Paypal. Interested? Click the button below:

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