Skin Spirits


Immanion Press/Megalithica Books, 2010
176 pages, b/w illustrations

Since the mid-1990s I have worked with animal parts in my artwork and spiritual practice. From leather and fur to skulls and bones, I incorporate them into ritual tools, jewelry, and other sacred items. Not only does my practice involve the physical remains, but I also work with the spirits of the animals themselves.

In Skin Spirits: The Spiritual and Magical Use of Animal Parts, I expand upon the information provided in my earlier book, Fang and Fur, Blood and Bone: A Primal Guide to Animal Magic. You’ll find information on how to select animal remains based on not only your needs but those of the spirits themselves; how to work with the animal spirits, including in shapeshifting and other rituals; proper care for the physical remains; and other practices. Plus you’ll find detailed, illustrated guides on how to make ritual tools ranging from bone-handled knives to fur pouches, skull rattles to dancing skins; and much more!

Based on my decade-and-change of intensive experience, this is an absolutely indispensable guide to the spiritual and magical use of animal parts in neopagan, occult, and other traditions. Whether you only have a single feather to work with, or an entire ritual room full of spirits embodied in hides and bones, there’s plenty of material in this non-dogmatic text for you to integrate into your own practice as you see fit.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Edward Dain

Chapter One: Why Work With Animal Parts?
Chapter Two: Ethical and Legal Considerations
Chapter Three: Working With Skin Spirits
Chapter Four: A Brief Chapter on Tools
Chapter Five: Fur and Leather
Chapter Six: Bones, Skulls and Other Hard Stuff
Chapter Seven: Feathers
Chapter Eight: Skindancing

Appendix A: Where to Get Skins, Bones and Other Remains
Appendix B: Animal-Based Nonprofits

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An autographed copy of Skin Spirits is available for $19.99 plus priority shipping in the U.S.


An autographed copy of Skin Spirits is available for $19.99 plus media shipping in the U.S.


An autographed copy of Skin Spirits is available for $19.99 plus international shipping.

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