Plant and Fungus Spirits

Self-Published, October 2020
178 pages

Please note this is a new edition of my previous Llewellyn book, Plant and Fungus Totems, which went out of print in 2020. The language has been updated and the book has been annotated, but the content is basically the same.

Sometimes the best teachers are those we often overlook! Explore the world of plant spirits, green beings who thrive on sunlight. Delve into the depths of fungus spirits, permeating the very soil beneath our feet. This book offers three unique approaches to working with these spirits:

*The Bioregional Model invites you to deepen your relationship to the physical land around you through the spirits that live there.

*The Correspondences Model combines the symbols of your path into your work with nature spirits.

*The Archetypal Model allows your spirit guides to help you through the intricacies of your inner self so you can know yourself better.

Whether you choose one of these models, or a combination, Plant and Fungus Spirits offers you meditations, examples and other tools to invite these spirits into your life. An excellent book for the beginner and the experienced practitioner alike!

Table of Contents

A Note to Readers (2014)
Another Note to Readers (2020)                                                                 


One: What Are Archetypal Plant and Fungus Spirits?                        
Two: What Makes Plant and Fungus Spirits Different From the Animals?
Three: The Bioregional Model                                                                      
Four: The Correspondences Model                                                             
Five: The Archetypal Model                                                                          
Six: Combining the Three Models                                                               
Seven: Leaves and Caps – The Sacred Remains of Plants and Fungi
Eight: Giving Back to the Spirits

Appendix A: Plant and Fungus Spirit Guided Meditation
Appendix B: Beneficial Nonprofit Organizations
Appendix C: A Bit of Recommended Reading                                       


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An autographed copy of Plant and Fungus Spirits is available for $20.00 plus media shipping in the U.S.


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