In addition to this website, I maintain a presence online in several other places. Here you will find links to more of my writing and artwork, along with updates and other resources.

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Blogs and Other Writing

A Sense of Natural Wonder – Art, nature, and personal reflections, right here on my website
Therioshamanism – my now-archived neoshamanism blog that I’ve maintained since 2007; my current blog is a continuation of it

Art-Related Links

My Etsy Store – my artwork may be purchased here
My eBay Store – a smaller selection of artwork is available here
My Storenvy shop – another shop with things you won’t find in Etsy
My deviantArt Account – a more extensive archive of my artwork than what’s in my portfolio here
The Tarot of Bones – a natural history themed divination set that I am creating; Facebook page here
Curious Gallery – I created and organized this annual two-day arts festival celebrating the wunderkammer revival; Facebook group here
Still Death – this was a monthly drawing and education session I ran in Portland where attendees got to draw a variety of animal skulls while learning about comparative anatomy; Facebook page here

Other Relevant Links

My Patreon Profile – support my art and writing with a monthly donation, and get neat perks in return, including exclusive content!
The Green Wolf’s Facebook Fan Page – make sure you adjust your settings so that the posts actually show up in your feed
My Twitter account – mostly art and writing updates and occasional chatter
My Instagram account – pictures!
My Tumblr account – more pictures!
My YouTube account – you can find archived copies of past video workshops here, among other things
My Pinterest account – with several exciting boards!

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