Wholesale & Consignment


Are you the owner of a brick and mortar business, or a well-established online shop or festival/convention booth? Would you like to diversify your product offerings with high-quality handmade items and nonfiction books? Consider adding my creations to your offerings through wholesale or consignment!

How It Works

It’s very simple: you may request a catalog and full price list at lupa.greenwolf(at)gmail.com. For a better idea of what various items look like, you can look through the information on my artwork and my books. Once you have the catalog, make a detailed list of what you’d like to order, to include quantities and other details. Then email me at lupa.greenwolf(at)gmail.com with the aforementioned list, as well as any existing wholesale or consignment terms your business has. I’ll get back to you with any questions I may have to generate a quote, and we go from there.

Not sure what to get? No problem! Email me at lupa.greenwolf(at)gmail.com and we can discuss what would work best in your shop.

A few important bits of information:

gray1–Please note that consignment is primarily available to shops in the Portland, OR and Astoria, OR areas, unless we have an existing business relationship. All other shops must use wholesale, unless you give me a really compelling argument otherwise. Orders over $400 are automatically sold wholesale, not consignment, unless other arrangements are made previously. Customer is responsible for all shipping charges of wholesale orders.

–I do reserve the right to refuse an order in part or whole. Smaller items like tails, tooth and claw necklaces, and pouches tend to sell more easily than big, expensive items like headdresses; consignment-only customers are more likely to get approved for these smaller items in their first few orders, though wholesale customers can essentially order whatever they want.

–I do prefer a minimum order of at least $50; however, if you need a smaller amount, particularly if you are a business I have an existing relationship with, just let me know what you need and we’ll go from there.

887365_10153287147553505_4807229005811229107_o–Please allow a reasonable amount of time for me to create your order, as I will likely be making it specifically for you rather than drawing from existing stock. Most orders can be fulfilled and shipped out within two weeks; please allow more time for larger orders or those involving more elaborate items. More time may be needed during the summer festival season and other high traffic times of the year.

–Please note that wildlife parts cannot be sent outside the U.S. You may also be subject to state restrictions; please review applicable laws here. As my studio is based in Washington I adhere to the rules of that state.

A Special Note on My Books and the Tarot of Bones

booksAt this time all of my books and Tarot of Bones are self-published, and I am the only distributor thereof. I can fulfill orders out of current stock, or I can order larger quantities as needed.

Interested? Email me at lupa.greenwolf(at)gmail.com today!

Artist & Author Lupa