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Since 1998 I have created artwork made from hides, bones and other natural and reclaimed materials. Many are created as sacred ritual tools and adornment. My works range from dance costumes and jewelry to wall hangings and drums, and I’ve pioneered many unique designs and techniques. Tens of thousands of my creations have found homes over the years across the United States, both via online sales and in-person events.

I am very careful about my sourcing, mindful not only of legalities but also my personal ethical boundaries and an eye towards sustainability. I try to use secondhand or discarded materials as often as possible, whether leather from coats I find at thrift shops, or pieces left over from other artists’ supplies. Every piece I created receives a full ritual purification according to my spiritual practice. I donate a portion of my sales to nonprofit organizations that benefit wildlife and their habitats, and my self-employed status allows me to volunteer regularly with efforts toward habitat restoration and environmental education.

****You can find my work on my Etsy shop along with some extra supplies I’m selling. I also have some art that’s not available on Etsy over at my Storenvy shop.****

I am also open for commissions; if you have a project you’d like me to work on for you, or even some idea you’d like me to bring into reality, please contact me at lupa(dot)greenwolf(at)gmail(dot)com.

My work can be roughly broken down into a few categories:

Wearable taxidermy: These include simple pieces like masks, tails and ears, as well as more elaborate full-hide headdresses, and accessories like bags and pouches. I often work with damaged or craft-quality hides so that I can rejuvenate them and bring them back to a state of sacred beauty. I prioritize long-term comfort and I minimize non-biodegradable materials in my work; therefore I do not create “taxidermy” style headdresses that have plastic foam head forms and other synthetic materials in them.

Jewelry: I love making necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry! Some incorporate hides, bones, teeth, claws and other organic items. I also use a lot of secondhand beads from old costume jewelry and other artists’ “orphan” bead leftovers.

Decorative Art: This includes wall art and shelf art, mostly comprised of assemblages. I take secondhand backboards (like old cutting boards and tray table tops) and use them as canvases for assemblages of skulls, moss, lichens, stones and other organic materials. I do the same with vintage wooden boxes, the more worn the better! I used this assemblage technique to create the artwork for my Tarot of Bones deck.

Ritual Tools: I love creating sacred art that will end up being incorporated into people’s spiritual practices! I’ve made bone knives, antler bowls, rattles and other ritual implements. I have a special love for divination as a practice, and I enjoy making antler rune and ogam sets, as well as my exclusive Pocket Osteomancy casting cloth and bones set.

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