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I don’t do a lot of posting about my art here on my blog because I usually like to keep it a “What’s Lupa thinking about today?” space. However, today’s theme on my various social media spots has been “How have these not found new homes yet?” where I’ve been highlighting a few older pieces of artwork that are still looking for their perfect match, and I thought I’d share here, too.


This gorgeous, 13″ diameter horse hide drum is painted with a Przewalski’s horse galloping across a grassy steppe, with ancient European cave painted horses looking on from the sky. The drum and its accompanying beater may be purchased at


Here’s one of the first air plant terrariums I made, using an old faux-bronzed baby shoe on a wooden stand that I found at a thrift store. It even comes with two Tillandsia air plants! At

il_570xN.634136691_gh7oFox and coyote tails are popular, but how often do you get to see a wearable cow tail? This lovely pale tail is on a hand-braided leather belt made from part of an old coat, and is available at


This beautiful decorated wolverine headdress is inspired by an animal myth I wrote a few years ago, “How Wolverine Devoured the Sun”, which you can read at And if you’d like to give this headdress a home it’s for sale at


It’s not just a shell–it’s a book! I made this tiny book with shells from a thrift store, filled with paper I made by hand from recycled junk mail, and on a hand-braided cord so you can carry this little journal with you. Bring it home at


From thrift store scrap wood to secondhand yarn, this air plant holder is made of upcycled awesomeness! And, of course, you get your very own Tillandsia air plant to go with it at


This is one of my earliest Breyer customs, The Spear Carrier, made from an old traditional scale Rugged Lark and outfitted with both gear AND a story to go with it. Find out more about this handsome horse at


The pictures don’t do justice to this beautiful red and black bracelet made from 100% secondhand beads! If you’d like to adorn yourself with it, go to

And, as always, you can find more of my art at

(Yes, reblogs/shares are welcome AND encouraged! Help me find these artworks new homes!)

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