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Commissions and a Brief Update!

Hi, all! Long time, no chat!

First, I wanted to let you know I’m open for commissions on something that’s not my usual hide and bone art. This month my $15 Patrons at got these awesome 3″ x 3″ mini wildlife paintings in the mail. I am now open for commissions if you’d like one of your own! Your choice of species (animal, plant or fungus) and background colors/pattern for $15 plus shipping anywhere in the world. Comment or email me at lupa.greenwolf(at)gmail(dot)com if interested! Here are a couple more detail shots:

Second, I just wanted to touch base with you about how things are going here. I know I haven’t been blogging a lot lately; most of my writing energy has gone toward putting the finishing touches on Vulture Culture 101: A Book For People Who Like Dead Things. I’ve also still been creating artwork, but I’ve also been doing some volunteer and contracted work for a local conservation organization. So I’ve been super busy, just a lot of it has been behind the scenes.

I’m hoping to have some new posts here soon enough, so keep your eyes peeled 🙂

Call For Writers For Vulture Culture 101: A Book For People Who Like Dead Things

Hey, everyone! So in case you haven’t heard, I am writing a book about Vulture Culture, the “fandom” that’s sprung up around the appreciation of hides, bones and other dead things in recent years. The working title is Vulture Culture 101: A Book For People Who Like Dead Things, and I will be self-publishing it via CreateSpace; the projected date of publication is Summer 2018. Currently, the first draft of the book is done, and I am working on edits and revisions. There’s also an IndieGoGo campaign through March 23 at which has already met its initial goal and is working toward stretch goals.

While I have spent over twenty years making hide and bone art, I do not have extensive experience with tanning hides or cleaning bones or otherwise prepared raw specimens. However, no book on Vulture Culture would be complete without tutorials on some basic processes, which is why I’m seeking writers to contribute essays!

Each essayist will be compensated with $100 and 10 paperback copies of Vulture Culture 101 once it has been published. Thank you again to my IndieGoGo contributors for helping to make this happen!

I am seeking one essay each on the following topics:

  • Skinning a freshly dead or frozen and thawed animal and preparing the hide for tanning
  • Tanning a hair-on hide, starting with a raw hide (rabbit would be best as it’s a nice small hide that’s easy and inexpensive to acquire); while you may choose one method of tanning, such as alum, please briefly mention other tanning methods like egg tanning
  • Brain-tanning leather, starting with a hair-on hide (deer is most popular but I’m open to other easy to acquire suggestions like goat)
  • Cleaning bones through maceration, starting with a whole skinned carcass, though with a brief mention of dermestid beetles and nature cleaning as alternatives, and proceeding through degreasing and whitening
  • Wet specimens in jars, to include long-term care, how to change out old fluids, etc.
  • Very basic mouse or rat taxidermy, including how to prepare the hide, positioning, etc.
  • The basics of skeleton articulation; there’s not space to go through an entire skeletal articulation, but at least give people an idea of the tools and methods involved, and basic steps from skeleton acquisition to final display

Essays should have the following qualities:

  • Between 1500 and 2000 words (you may be able to go over that a bit if you need the space)
  • Written in easy to read English and suitable for a general audience
  • Thoroughly explain the topic in a step-by-step manner; steps should be numbered
  • Be accompanied by at least 4-6 print-quality photos showing different steps of the process (if you have to show different animals at different stages of the process, such as for longer processes like maceration, that’s fine, so long as all pertinent stages are covered clearly)
  • Should not be previously published, either in print or online. If you’ve written similar essays that’s fine, just write a unique one for this project

I will have already covered topics like where to get hides and bones, and legalities concerning them, so you don’t need to go over them again. Stick to the how-tos of your topic. I will be doing some basic editing and proofreading, but you should be sending me final drafts by the due date.

Please apply by contacting me at lupa.greenwolf(at)gmail(dot)com; you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your name, general location, email address and phone number
  • A brief description of your experience in working with hides and/or bones and/or other dead things
  • Which topic you would like to write about and what makes you qualified to write about it (you can apply for more than one topic; however, only one topic will be assigned to one writer unless there is a serious lack of suitable writers)
  • At least three samples of your writing, published or not; Vulture Culture topics and how-to articles are extra-awesome, but send the best of whatever you have. Please also send a few sample photos showing your photography skills. You can send them as links and/or attachments.
  • If you are under the age of 18, proof of permission by a parent or legal guardian

The deadline to apply is March 28, 2018. Selections will be made by April 7, 2018 at which point acceptance letters and contracts will be sent out. Completed final essays have a FIRM due date of June 7, 2018, so please make sure before you apply that you can dedicate the time to finishing your essay on time. You can also send me drafts in progress before that point if you’d like feedback.

Thank you!

The Vulture Culture 101 IndieGoGo Campaign is Live!

The Vulture Culture 101 IndieGoGo Campaign is officially live at!
What compels me and many other people to fill our homes with the preserved remains of animals, and how can you join in the fun? Vulture Culture 101: A Book For People Who Like Dead Things explores the modern revival in acquiring, preserving and creating art with these natural specimens. Written by author and artist Lupa, this is the first full-length guide to Vulture Culture, a subculture that in recent years has grown up around the appreciation of hides, bones and other animal specimens.
Want to help Vulture Culture 101 become a reality AND get your copy of the book at the lowest price ever? Want to get neat perks like my other books and art made from hides and bones? Want to help a self-employed author and artist create a valuable resource both for members of the V.ulture Culture, and people who are just curious about what it’s all about?
Back the Vulture Culture 101 campaign today at! We’re already well on our way, and early bird specials are going fast. Even if you can’t back the campaign right this moment, please send the campaign to anyone you feel may be interested, and thank you for your support 🙂

Coming Soon: The Vulture Culture 101 IndieGoGo Campaign!

I am excited to announce that the official IndieGoGo campaign for my next book, Vulture Culture 101: A Book For People Who Like Dead Things, will launch on February 6, 2018! More than a book on taxidermy or bone identification, Vulture Culture 101 is a guidebook to the subculture surrounding the preparation, collection and appreciation of hides, bones and other specimens. It’s suitable for both beginners and experienced Vultures and may even appeal to those who are just curious about us and our collections.

The full IndieGoGo campaign won’t be launched til the 6th, but you can get a taste of what will be included at the prelaunch page here. And you can sign up for an email reminder to be sent to you when the campaign officially starts!

As with my wildly successful IndieGoGo campaigns for The Tarot of Bones, this campaign will help me to fund attendant costs for the book, such as paying guest writers for how-to essays on topics like hide tanning and bone cleaning, as well as the cost of printing physical books and having them shipped to me. Anything left over after that will help me cover my bills and other expenses as I finish up the last bit of writing, editing, layout and other work that remains before projected publication in Summer 2018.

I will, of course, make an announcement when the campaign itself goes live, but for now check out the prelaunch page for a taste of what’s to come! And, as always, thank you for your ongoing support.

Make Me Write a Book For You!

Hey, folks! So I want to do some long-form writing, AND I’d love to see my Patreon hit that $1000 goal! At $1000 in fully funded pledges I’ll write and self-publish a booklet on some topic of nature spirituality. Patrons giving $25 or more that month get a free hardcopy of the booklet, and all other Patrons get a free ebook. You don’t have to stay my Patron til the booklet is finished (since it may take me up to half a year to complete); as long as you’re an active Patron whose contribution goes through on the month when we hit the goal, you’re on the list for when it’s ready to go. (And yes, it’ll be for general purchase once it’s published, too.)

To that end, I’m adding a sweetener for the deal: Patrons get to vote on the topic I write on, and those topics are:

Writing Pagan Books: My first book came out in 2006, and I’ve been writing steadily ever since! I’ll share my experiences going from a newbie writer to an author contracted with multiple publishers and an agency. And I’ll provide advice for launching–and growing–your own efforts in writing nonfiction for a pagan audience.

Urban Nature Paganism: After fifteen years of living in cities, I’ve gotten pretty good at connecting with non-human nature in human-dominated spaces. And I want to help others make those connections, not just as the remnants of wilderness, but as vibrant ecosystems that have adapted and thrived in spite of us. More than just a collection of spells and charms, this will be a more complete look at weaving your spiritual path into an urban ecosystem, whether you live near a park, feed birds on your balcony, or have a window to watch the weather from.

Evolutionary Ancestor Spirits: There’s a lot of information on working with the totems and other spirits of modern species, but what about extinct species of animal, plant, fungus and more? I’ll discuss what makes these totems and spirits unique compared to their modern counterparts, how to invite them into your path (or hear their call!), and why it’s more important than ever to reach into the past as we work toward a better future.

If you’ve been thinking about becoming my Patron, now’s a great time to do so! And if you know anyone who may be interested, please pass this post and my Patreon,, on to them. Thank you 🙂

WE DID IT!!!!!!

Okay, now that I’m back on the coast after a weekend of vending and a day of traveling (and moving even more stuff to the coast studio), I just wanted to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed to the Tarot of Bones Spring 2016 IndieGoGo campaign! We hit $5,800, $800 more than the targeted goal, which means that even after IndieGoGo and Paypal take out their fees I’ll still have a little over $5,000 to put toward printing costs for the Tarot of Bones decks and books.

What’s next? The photos for the deck are still in post-production, so I’m patiently waiting for those. I intend to finish up the current round of edits on the book manuscript and get it back to the editor, and start procuring materials for perks like the leather pouches so I can get a head start on them. For those of you who backed the campaign, I should get a database of your information in the next several days. Once I get it I’ll be contacting everyone regarding details on your perks, updating addresses and the like.

And again: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

News! Patreon and Paths Through the Forests

Just a reminder–today’s the last day you can sign up for the book-of-the-month package on my Patreon and get a free copy of my next book Nature Spirituality From the Ground Up when it comes out in January!

Also, those with keen eyes may notice I added a few more Patron rewards to the roster. Sign up today (July 31) and you can get your first monthly package of goodies sent to you next week–head over to to join!


I’ve been really busy with art lately so I haven’t been doing as much writing, but I did publish a post over at Paths Through the Forests earlier this week that’s getting a LOT of attention! You can read it at Our Deadly Lack of Nature Literacy.

A Couple of Important Patreon Changes/Perks!

This is your last chance to get a copy of my next book,Nature Spirituality From the Ground Up, for free!

Over at my Patreon account, the Book of the Month Patron package at $25 ($35 for international folks) is going to change next month! it is currently six months until my next book, Nature Spirituality from the Ground Up, comes out. Currently, Patrons at that level receive one of my books a month until, after seven months they have all of the books pictured. They will also receive a free copy of Nature Spirituality From the Ground Up when it comes out in January 2016.

Starting on August 1, 2015, the package will change. Patrons who remain at that level for eight months will get one of my current books, to include Nature Spirituality From the Ground Up, per month. And at the end of eight months, I will be adding their name to a special preorder list; people on that list will end up getting a free copy of my next book (NOT including the Tarot of Bones deck and book), even if they are no longer my Patron when it comes out. For sake of transparency, I do not currently have another book contracted, but I have one manuscript I’m shopping around and a proposal I’m about to write, so I’m not about to retire as an author. And hey–whatever it’ll be and whenever it shows up, it’ll be absolutely free!

So sign up as my Patron in the Book of the Month package ($25 U.S., $35 international) by July 31, 2015, and get in on the free copy of Nature Spirituality From the Ground Up while you can!



Have you always wanted one of my wolf headdresses but weren’t able to pay for it all at once? I’m now offering a unique payment plan via my Patreon account! Give $100/month for an entire year, and not only will you get a custom-made wolf headdress at the end of that year, but for your first month you’ll get a trio of fox tails. Plus you’ll have access to my Patron-only feed with exclusive content and sneak peeks, my monthly Totem Profiles, and other goodies. And for those for whom $100 is a bit much, I also still have my $30/month red fox headdress program that works the same way.

Interested? You can become my Patron for as little as $1/month right here!

203%! WOOHOO!!!!

Final IndieGoGocomicsans


Well, folks, we did it! The Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo campaign ended at midnight, 203% funded at $10,147! Considering I was just hoping for a couple thousand dollars for materials, and a bit more to defray operating costs, and I wasn’t even expecting it to get funded in the first place, the final tally is pretty damned astounding. Almost 250 of you believed enough in the project to back it over a year out from release, and more of you have contacted me telling me that if finances and other factors had been different you would have jumped in, too. (Don’t worry, there will be other preorder opportunities in the future.)

So now what? Well, IndieGoGo needs to take care of all its behind the scenes magic, which means over the next couple of weeks they’ll be charging everyone’s cards and Paypal accounts. No doubt there’ll be at least a few that are declined, just from sheer statistics’ sake, so I don’t know whether they spend part of the time asking those folks to try again or not. And of course both IndieGoGo and Paypal will want to take their cuts of the money that’s raised, so I’m definitely not going to end up with the entire $10,147 in my account. But theoretically in two weeks I’ll have both the deposit that’s left and a final list of those who successfully backed the campaign. After that I can contact my backers to find out perks details (what books/etc. they want, etc.), any address changes, and so forth. I’ve already begun asking my sources to arrange the last skulls, bones and other materials I need for the rest of the assemblages, so once the money arrives I can place my orders.

In the meantime I’ll keep working on the assemblages. I have 37 done at this point, which means I’m almost halfway done! In fact, I made ten of them in a two-week period, which is just absolutely crazy–so I’m taking a few days off to work on a few other projects on my work bench. I can’t stay away for too long, so expect more assemblages soon!

And, finally, though I’ve said it many times over the past six weeks: thank you. Thank you to everyone who helped me ramp up the promotion leading up to the campaign, thank you to everyone who promoted it through podcasts and interviews and reblogs and shares. And, most of all, thank you to everyone who’s believed in me and the Tarot of Bones so much that you invested in a nascent project fueled by creative insanity and a love for natural history. I hope that when Summer 2016 rolls around and the deck and book are in your hands that you find it was worth it all.

The Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo campaign ends TONIGHT!!!


Okay, folks–THIS IS IT. This is the LAST DAY for the Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo campaign! It will end at midnight PST tonight (right when May 19 turns into May 20) That’s just a little over thirteen hours left.

Right now, it’s at $9,470, 189% funded. Please remember that I don’t get to keep all the money–IndieGoGo takes a percentage, and Paypal takes a chunk for every person who’s paying with Paypal instead of a debit/credit card. But every dollar I do get will be paying for all of the materials I need to complete the assemblage pieces for the Tarot of Bones (as of today I have 37 completed, almost halfway there!) and the rest will be put toward other expenses, from printing and shipping costs to perk fulfilment. This campaign won’t cover all my costs, but the more money raised today, the less I’ll need to pull together going forward, and the more time I’ll have toward completing the deck and book on or ahead of my production schedule.

PLEASE SHARE THIS POST!!!! And if you’ve been putting off backing this campaign, now’s your last chance! We’re so close to $10,000–that would make this campaign 200% funded. Let’s make it happen–and, as always, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!