Books + Free Shipping = Yes!

A couple of brief but important notes regarding my books and the ordering thereof.

First, I just got a new shipment of New Paths to Animal Totems in late last week, and I still have a small number of my first shipment of Plant and Fungus Totems left (and will be ordering more soon!) While these books can certainly stand alone and you don’t need to have one to read the other, they are nicely complementary. Since I think they make a cute couple, between now and noon PST this Saturday, May 17, if you buy both books through my website–not Etsy, not eBay, not Amazon, just–you’ll get free shipping! (Or, more specifically, I’ll refund the cost of shipping through Paypal once I see that your order has come in, so there may be a slight delay between your order and my refund if I’m away from the computer, sleeping, etc.)And, of course, both books will be signed; put a note in with your Paypal order or email me at lupa.greenwolf(at)gmail(d0t)com if you’d like them personalized. If you are unable to use Paypal and want to send a check or money order instead, again email me and I’ll tell you how to proceed.

Second, in case you missed it in my last book post, I discovered last week that the WordPress/Paypal shopping cart plugin that I had installed when I redesigned the site last March decided to stop working correctly. I have a small number of aborted orders where I have no information on who was trying to place the order, what book(s) they were trying to buy, and no money arrived in my account. All I know is that someone tried to click the “buy it” button and that’s it. I have since reverted to my tried-and-true Paypal buttons, even if they aren’t as pretty, because I know they work. So if you were one of those folks attempting to bring home my writing in dead tree form, the way is ready for you. Also, if you have ordered recently and you haven’t received your book by the end of May, please contact me at lupa.greenwolf(at)gmail(d0t)com with a copy of your receipt and I’ll make sure to put everything to rights.

Alright, this’ll be the last book post for a while. I’ll get back to my observations, opinions and other ocular offerings later this week.

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