Want To Help Me Have a Happy Birthday?

Hey, folks! Today’s my birthday–yes, I’m a Samhain baby! I’m taking the day off and having some quality time out in the woods, and later there will be tasty, tasty foods.

If you’d like to help make my day even better, please take a look at my various projects and consider supporting me through them. I’m self-employed, so taking a day off is a pretty big luxury. Even if you aren’t able to support me financially right now, just sharing this post with other folks helps as it gets the word out further. I’d really appreciate it!

So what am I working on these days?

–Artwork: I create artwork out of hides, bones and other natural materials. It’s been a big part of both my creative and spiritual lives for the better part of twenty years. You can purchase my work here on Etsy, and a more limited selection on Storenvy and on eBay (though Storenvy has some items that aren’t on either of the other shops!) Also, if you’re the owner of a shop that would like to carry my art or, for that matter, my books), here’s information on wholesale and consignment options. And if you’re interested in renting my costumes and other work for a film, photography session or other project, here’s where you can get more info on that.

–Books: My first book on animal magic came out in 2006, and I’ve had several others published since then through Immanion Press, Llewellyn, and the occasional self-publishing adventure. While the critters have always been central to my work, in more recent years I’ve been expanding my writing to include lants, fungi and other denizens of nature. You can find my books here, and purchase signed copies directly from me! (If you don’t want to commit to a book yet, you’re welcome to read my writing for free on my personal blog and over at my shared blog, Paths Through the Forests, on Patheos.)

–The Tarot of Bones: This is a HUGE project I’ve been working on for almost two years, and it’s just about ready to come to fruition. Throughout 2015 I created 79 assemblages from bones, moss and other natural and reclaimed materials, one for each of the Tarot cards plus the Happy Squirrel. I then had the pieces photographed, and I just sent the final card designs to the printer last week. I’ve also written a companion book to go with the deck. They’re not *quite* ready for preorder yet–I am waiting to get the physical proofs in the mail–but you can keep up on updates by entering your email in the Subscription form on the right sidebar of the official Tarot of Bones website. I expect to have the deck and book in hand in early 2017.

–Curious Gallery: For those in the Portland, OR region, I’m running a two-day arts festival celebrating the synthesis of nature, culture and art through the medium of the cabinet of curiosities. Now in its fourth year, Curious Gallery will be on January 7-8, 2017 at the Portland Crowne Plaza Hotel. If you preregister today, you can get in on the last day of Early Bird pricing! We’re also still accepting applications for vendors, presenters and artists, so check out the website for more details.

–Still Death: Also in Portland, I run a monthly art and education session where folks get to draw animal skulls from my personal collection and learn about comparative anatomy! We generally meet on the third Tueday of the month at the Fernie Brae on SE Hawthorne. You can find out more information, to include on upcoming sessions, here on the official website.

–Patreon: I am incredibly fortunate to have a significant number of people who like my work enough to want to support it on a monthly basis. If you’re interested in getting access to sneak peeks, news and other exclusive content, or you’d like a package of art or books in the mail every month, or even have a monthly totem reading or spiritual consultation, here’s where you can sign up as my Patron!

–Readings: Speaking of readings, you can get one card and five card totem readings from me, even if you live far, far away! I won’t be offering Tarot of Bones readings til the deck is out, but for now you can get information on what I do offer over here on my totem readings page.

–Events and Workshops: My booth is a frequent site at Northwest conventions and festivals, and I also present workshops at local bookstores and other venues. If you’d like to meet me in person, check out my calendar of upcoming events and appearances!

–Social Media: Want to stay connected? Here’s where you can find me online!

And again, even if you aren’t able to support me financially, just sharing this post around will help immensely. Thank you so much for making my birthday more awesome 🙂

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