Want Me To Donate To Your Cause?

Do you run a Pagan Pride Day or other nonprofit event? Are you organizing a public fundraiser (like a concert or potluck) to raise funds for someone in your community facing economic hardship. a life-threatening illness or other challenges? And, furthermore, are you collecting items for a silent auction or raffle to raise money for these causes?

Please feel free to contact me about donating one of my books, if you feel they would be appropriate! The reason I generally donate books over artwork is that the books have a bit more general appeal; some people are squicked by hides and bones, no matter how nicely arranged. That being said, if you think a piece of my artwork might go over well, we can talk about that as an option, too.

Please understand I can’t fulfill every single request, and if I decline yours please don’t take it personally. Nonprofits are given a bit more consideration since I can write off the donation, but I’ve given to other community efforts as well.

Email me at lupa.greenwolf(at)gmail.com if you’re interested!

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