Post Roundup From Paths Through the Forests

For those unaware, I also blog over at Patheos; I share a blog, Paths Through the Forests, with my most excellent coblogger, Rua Lupa. You can keep up on our posts there at the official Paths Through the Forests Facebook page, Google Plus, and Twitter account.

Here are some of my more recent posts there, in case you missed them:

The Importance of Nearby Nature – why we need to preserve more than just wilderness areas
On Consequential Nature – how even seemingly meaningless experiences in nature can have long-reaching effects for us
A New Look At the Magic of Trees – this isn’t your usual “this tree means this, and that tree means that” interpretation, just sayin’.
The Entire Universe is a Sacred Site – a discussion of the idea that some places are more inherently special than others (and why I disagree)
The Altar of Curiosities, Parts One, Two, and Three – a three-part series on creating a cabinet of curiosities with spiritual intent
Small Green Things – a cozy day-in-the-life post–how many references to little eco-friendly actions can you count?

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