Hey, Folks–My Art Commission List is Open!

antlersHey, folks–my commission list is OPEN!

I’ve been working hard the past few weeks to whittle down the list of custom orders people have asked me to create for them, and I’m finishing up the last ones. The pictures above are just a few examples of what I’ve made for folks in the past couple of months–and I’m open to all sorts of ideas! Pouches! Jewelry! Ritual tools! Antler runes! Headdresses! And much, much more! You can see my portfolio here, and my Etsy shop here, to give you some more ideas of my work.

tumblr_np0npq0p381qi2nxpo6_1280Even if you have only a vague idea of what you want, that’s okay–I specialize in taking those few details and turning them into something awesome. I’ve had hundreds of satisfied commissioners over the years–why don’t you join them? You can PM me, or email me at lupa.greenwolf(at)gmail.com

Please share this to help get the word out, and thank you 🙂


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