Escape to the Wilderness

It’s going to be a bit quieter around Casa de Lupa for a few days, and my partner’s going to have to suffer my absence (or enjoy the break, maybe both!) I’m escaping out into the wilderness for a backpacking trip; it’s been postponed thrice, first due to a heat wave that kicked temperatures up over 100, and then for the thunderstorms that moved in right after, and then by a couple of project deadlines that couldn’t be put off. In fact, this will be the first time in a few weeks I’ve managed to get out into wilder areas. I’ve been busy trying to clear away enough time that I can take three days off, which means hiking has had to go by the wayside.

That’s one of the down sides to being self-employed: no paid time off. Not only do I have to pay for the cost of the trip itself, but I also have to make up for the lost work time. This is why I usually limit myself to weekly day hikes, since they’re in small enough chunks of time that I won’t fall too far behind my obligations, but more than sufficient to recharge me.

This will be a real vacation. and I need it. Many things have had me worn down as of late. I am fortunate I have the opportunity for this self-care; plenty of people don’t. And, once again, I am grateful to all of you who have supported my work so that I have the freedom to up and get out as my mental and emotional well-being demands. I am grateful to those who buy my art and read my books for helping me make sure I have gas in the car and the bills paid so I don’t have to worry while I’m away; and I’m grateful to my patrons who gave me that extra boost to pay for food for the trail and a new pair of hiking sticks to replace my old broken-down ones and heavier thermals so I can stay warmer in my tent at night instead of shivering and having broken sleep.

Thank you for helping to keep both body and spirit fed. I’ll bring back some pictures and stories to share.

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