Skull Scrying


Self-Published, 2015
32 pages

Animal skulls are much more than passive decorations on an altar; they are potential allies in the ancient divinatory art of scrying. Through skull scrying you can draw forth answers to your questions and gain more insight into situations in your life with the help of the spirit within the bone. This booklet is by no means an exhaustive text on the art of scrying, but is an introduction to a particularly nature-centered version thereof. Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

This booklet was a good excuse to try CreateSpace’s platform on for size as I prepare to release The Tarot of Bones companion book there in 2016. It’s a topic I’ve almost never covered in my writing previously, and I thought it would make a nice standalone volume. The table of contents gives you an idea of what you can look forward to:

A Brief Introduction
Chapter 1: What is Skull Scrying?
Chapter 2: Choosing a Skull for Scrying
Chapter 3: Skull Scrying and Interpreting Results
Afterword: Recommended Suppliers

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An autographed paperback copy of Skull Scrying is available for $6.50 plus priority shipping in the U.S.

An autographed paperback copy of Skull Scrying is available for $6.50 plus first class shipping in the U.S.

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