May 2015
$110 – available for purchase on Etsy

I adore the forests of the Cascades range, and the most common tree you’ll find there is the Douglas fir. This is partly due to nature, but they’re especially prolific as logging companies replant logged land with these fast-growing conifers. I adorned this coyote skull with a lone Douglas fir tree underneath a cloud-spotted blue sky. The braided yarn and embroidery thread cord is in colors that match the paint; I kept it simple so the skull would remain the focal point.

While this necklace would be an outgoing wearable, it can also be hung on a shrine or other sacred place to carry Coyote energy into your rituals and devotions.

Possum Jaw


May 2015
$45 – available for purchase on Etsy

I recently got a nice pile of bones from another crafter, to include this lovely little opossum jaw. I painted it in a variety of earth tones, grading from light to dark, and accented with a piece of Oregon agate that I tumbled and polished myself. It’s on a necklace made of brass chain, copper wire, and a lovely mix of secondhand stone and bone beads.






May 2015


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This is one of the most elaborate and painstaking painted skull necklaces I’ve made yet! I started with a bobcat skull whose cheekbone had sadly been damaged and lost before I got him from another crafter’s destash. So I sculpted a new one for him out of black wire, with a series of wood, stone and fiber optic beads (also secondhand) all along its length. It reminded me of planets, so I decided to give this wildcat a solar system theme! While the planets (Pluto included!) and the Sun aren’t in order, nor are they to scale, they create a striking assemblage along with a comet and a scattering of stars. The skull is on a black chain from a local bead store, punctuated with more secondhand fiber optic beads.

Song Dog




May 2015


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Song dog is one of several nicknames given to the coyote, and I wanted to honor that with this necklace. I started with a real coyote skull from another crafter’s destash. I decoupaged it with pieces of pages from an old music book, then shaded it with graphite from a pencil I found on the ground a while back. The chain is from a local bead store, and the stone beads were reclaimed from another artist’s discards.

Fox Choker



December 2014

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A while back I got some deerskin scraps from another artist, including some lovely edge pieces. This choker is made of two pieces stitched together, semi-overlapping. At the center I stitched a handmade ceramic green fox pendant, and accented both the pendant and choker with acrylic paint (photo was taken before the paint was sealed as the sealant makes the paint harder to accurately photograph.) The choker ties on with a pair of deerskin straps.

Raccoon Skull Necklace



October 2014

$75.00 – available for purchase on Etsy

This raccoon skull came from a destash from another crafter. I painted it in earth tones with a tree on the top, and adorned the forehead with a small green stone cabochon. I used copper wire to attach it to the hand-braided secondhand wool yarn cord, with glass beads as additional detail. It’s a beautifully organic piece combining a wonderful variety of materials.

Wolf Tooth Statement Necklace




July 2014
Price: $75.00 – available for purchase on eBay

I have long enjoyed using organic materials in my artwork; this is one of my finest pieces of jewelry yet. The centerpiece is a real gray wolf canine tooth from Alaska, where limited hunting of wolves is still allowed. Most “wolf teeth” being sold today are actually coyote teeth; real wolf canines normally sell for $50 per pair or more, and average two inches in length (this one is nearly two and a half).

The tooth was damaged, split open, and the piece lost. However, this makes it a perfect perch for a real Tillandsia air plant. The pendant is further decorated with tendrils of vine-green and sand-brown wool yarn and gold cord, all secondhand; more of these cords are woven together with real peacock feather herls for the necklace itself. A gold charm, resembling a star or flower, provides an additional adornment.