Wolves and Swords






May 2012
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A couple of years ago my partner and I did a photo shoot out on a trail at Catherine Creek in Washington, just across the Columbia River. Part of it was to get some shots of me doing longsword guards in a really nice location, but I also wanted to showcase the wolf fur cloak that I’m wearing in the shots.

The sword is a Tinker Pearce hand and a half, which is what I use for cutting drills. Most of the guards in these shots are from genuine medieval swordplay; I’m primarily trained in the German style, but the basic guards are fairly universal. This photo doesn’t show a genuine guard; it’s more “look epic for the camera!” About the only time the flat of your blade might be parallel to your face is in the middle of an odd cut, and certainly not like this. You want to use the flat of the blade to parry, and the edge to cut and wind, generally speaking.

The cloak is made from two Canadian wolf hides, one a classic gray, and the other a silvery black. It ties shut with braided leather cords, and its simple design showcases the beauty of the hides themselves.