Wolf Tooth Statement Necklace




July 2014
Price: $75.00 – available for purchase on eBay

I have long enjoyed using organic materials in my artwork; this is one of my finest pieces of jewelry yet. The centerpiece is a real gray wolf canine tooth from Alaska, where limited hunting of wolves is still allowed. Most “wolf teeth” being sold today are actually coyote teeth; real wolf canines normally sell for $50 per pair or more, and average two inches in length (this one is nearly two and a half).

The tooth was damaged, split open, and the piece lost. However, this makes it a perfect perch for a real Tillandsia air plant. The pendant is further decorated with tendrils of vine-green and sand-brown wool yarn and gold cord, all secondhand; more of these cords are woven together with real peacock feather herls for the necklace itself. A gold charm, resembling a star or flower, provides an additional adornment.

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