We All Fall Down.

We All Fall Down

April 2014
Price: $50.00 – available for purchase on Etsy.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, a central location in the logging industry. While we love our beautiful conifer-heavy forests, it’s common to turn a bend in a rural highway and come across scarred land where the trees have been savagely clearcut. And for what? More lumber, more paper, more mulch. This in a society where wood products are discarded in landfills and trash fires every single day.

But what if those resources were reclaimed and reused? This piece asks that very question, itself being entirely composed of secondhand tree-derived materials reclaimed from thrift stores. The antique wooden frame surrounds brown and cream wrapping paper mounted on paperboard from the back of an old construction paper book. At its center, still smelling faintly of cinnamon oil from Christmases past, is a pine cone (probably loblolly or a hybrid thereof). At first glance it seems like a simple but elegant decoration–but look to the lower left corner, and you see scales being torn away to land in an undignified pile.

So it is that we are tearing down our trees with little thought toward the effects. By creating this statement piece out of reclaimed tree-born components, I hope to both raise awareness and model one potential solution to our ever-broadening demand for dead trees and fallen forests.

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