Tree Octopus.




June 2014
Price: $300 – available for purchase on Etsy

Inspired by the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, I created this assemblage piece; as the Monterey Bay Aquarium also seems to be on a cephalopod kick, I’ll be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this piece to them.

Almost everything that went into this creation is secondhand. The canvas back was salvaged from Goodwill; if you look closely, you can still just barely see the giant “ZZ” that had been painted on it through the layers of both new and secondhand acrylic paint and plastic filaments from the Goodwill Outlet. The outlet was also the source for the fake fern fronds (say that five times fast!) that make up the eight tentacles, while the body, a partial whitetail doe skull, came from a private collection. The glass sheep eyes that stand in for an octopus’ weird orbs are vintage taxidermy fare, while the wire that holds them in place came to me from another crafter several years ago. Even the Mod Podge that seals the background has a good origin, funding SCRAP and their recycling and community art efforts.

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