That Which Endures





February 2014
Price: $25.00 – available for purchase here

When an animal dies, the flesh almost immediately begins to decay; when a plant dies, the moisture in its cells quickly dissipates. What is left behind after death is the hardest, toughest part of the being, “that which endures”. This phenomenon was the inspiration for this natural mixed-media piece, which may be displayed on a shelf or hung from a tack in the wall.

The base is a coyote hip bone I got from another collector; it’s broken and weathered but sturdy still. In the socket I nested a bit of dried moss rescued from a thrift store, along with the cone from an aspen tree I found while hiking one day, and a tiny, tiny carapace from a crab which was collected on a Washington beach by the same person who sent me the coyote bone. Below that I decoupaged two snippets of text from an outdated text book, including the phrase “Their skeletons are often well preserved”. I colored the paper with coffee and chalk to make it match the brown and green coloration of the bone better. The piece hangs from a braided cord made from handmade alpaca wool yarn I got from a fiber artisan. All of these things are the ones that last the longest–the hair, the bone, the cellulose, the calcium.