tendrils1 tendrils2

August 2014

$40.00 – Available for purchase on Etsy

This assemblage piece began as a rather sad wooden frame I rescued from a last-chance thrift store. I layered the background with pieces from old natural history textbooks, and then used that as the backdrop for a being created of braided thin secondhand yarn, and a broken deer rib from another crafter’s scraps. More braided yarn allows the piece to hang from a nail or hook. Even the Mod Podge that seals the background has a good origin, funding SCRAP and their recycling and community art efforts.

Though small, this was a rather painstaking piece to create; I hand-braided the yarn, and then carefully arranged and sealed it with Mod Podge; several hours went into making it look just right! The result is a story of tension and struggle spilling out over the hard edges of the frame.

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