Sun Hunter.




February 2014
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We often think of dragonflies as pretty little insects that zip around at astonishing speeds. However, in their world they are fierce predators, as dangerous to smaller insects as lions are to gazelles. They hold territory and battle over mating rights, and are not to be trifled with. They are, perhaps, fierce enough to hunt the sun itself, if given the chance.

I started with a plain black shadowbox that contained a badly broken dried dragonfly (probably a female green darner) on a stark white background. I added a couple of pages from an outdated text book on the behavior of dragonflies and other animals to the background, then layered some handmade paper that I dyed with dilute brown over that. I decorated the edge with metal findings and a handmade (not by me) ceramic bead. I repaired the tail on the dragonfly and let it rest in the lower right corner of the box; the very tip of the tail was missing, so I replaced it with a vintage wood bead. The frame was looking a little too plain, so I drybrushed it with some bronze acrylic paint, and added a round goldtone metal disc.

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