Solar Serpent.



August 2014

$40.00 – Available for purchase on Etsy

This lovely, slightly distressed wood frame came from a last-chance thrift shop. I used it to frame a piece of paper I made by hand from toilet paper cores (themselves made from recycled paper!), set back from the frame with old cardboard. I created a sun-kissed being on this background, created from a tumbled agate from another crafter’s destash and pine seeds from a cone I used to make an impossible bottle. Two ends of palm leaf from a discarded costume piece create the “tail” of this serpent, and gold acrylic paint from another artist’s destash adds eye-catching detail.

Snakes love the sun; they rely on its heat to keep themselves warm, and often may be found basking on a sunny stone. I imagined that perhaps serpentkind has a deity of the sun, and created this sacred being in this beautiful assemblage piece. It may be hung on a nail or small hook, though it can also stand freely on a shelf.

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