Skirt of Tails.



August 2012
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At FaerieCon West 2012, I did a bit of wandering vending in addition to my usual booth, wearing a bunch of my carabiner tails hooked onto a braid of leather I made as a “skirt”. When I posted a picture someone had taken at the con, people really liked it. I’d been threatening to make a more permanent version anyway, and so this was the perfect impetus to get me to actually make it happen. And so I present to you: the Skirt of Tails, quite possibly the most ridiculously over-the-top and awesome thing I’ve made. Definitely one of the more pain-in-the-ass stitching jobs, since the tails wanted to go EVERYWHERE while I was making this, and it took me FOREVER.

There are twenty-two tails stitched into this skirt, including red, silver, tundra, snowtop, kit, and dyed black Arctic fox tails, as well as a couple of coyote tails. They’re firmly stitched to a long leather strap similar to my belt tails, only reaching all the way around; the belt is made from alternating pieces of brown and black leather reclaimed from old coats. The belt ties shut with braids made from more recycled leather, all with extra stitching as this is a *heavy* skirt! The tails are fixed in place and won’t move along the belt, no worries about an accidental “peek-a-boo”.

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