Scallop Shell Book Necklace.





April 2014
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Not too long ago, I got a jar of assorted sea shells from an estate sale; most were not in matched pairs, though I did my best to match shells that were very close in size and coloration (please note that these two are very close, but not exact, so expect a small amount of variation). This book is made from 2 1/2″ wide natural white and peach scallop shells–so small you can wear the book itself! The shells have been thoroughly cleaned , with no smell; they show natural wear, especially around the edges, which gives the book even more character.

The blank pages are made from paper I made myself, recycling old junk mail and other scrap paper here at home. There are eight double-sided pages total; and I cut them in gradually smaller sizes so that they nest neatly inside the shell rather than creating a gap. The paper is similar in weight and texture to a heavy watercolor paper and is undyed. I bound the book with copper wire for added strength, and to minimize the size of the holes in the paper. Please note that if you open the book too wide, it may misshape the wire binding just a little bit–all that means is that you may need to gently nudge the pages back in between the shells

The book closes with a pair of cords I braided out of secondhand yarn and embroidery floss. The book serves as the pendant for a necklace made of more of the floss and yarn. This means you can hang your book on the wall to keep it safe, or even wear it around your neck. Think of all the possibilities–a tiny vacation journal, a book of ocean spells, a book containing secrets close to your heart!

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