Replica Azure-Winged Magpie Nest and Eggs.




December 2014

$40 – available for purchase on Etsy

Here’s a life-sized replica azure-winged magpie nest featuring a trio of hand-painted eggs! This bird is similar to the Eurasian magpie, but is a bit more slender in build. it may be found across much of eastern Asia, from Siberia and Mongolia down through China, Korea and Japan. Azure-winged magpies lay six to eight green and brown speckled eggs.

The nest is based around the bottom of a plastic bottle that was destined for the recycling bin. I built the nest up around it, using nesting materials found at thrift stores, pheasant feathers, and moss and lichens fallen from local trees in high winds. I have worked from reference photos to make it look as much like the real deal as possible, rather than just weaving a bit of cheap straw into a best-like shape. The eggs are hand-painted wood; please note that the pictures were taken before the paint was sealed.

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