Red Fox Bellydance Set.






July 2012
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Here’s another set from my fashion show at the RAW Artists: Mixology show in Portland, Oregon in July, 2012; it was modeled by Carolyn, who was awesome enough to step in when one of the models called in sick right before the show.

I’ve been wanting to try something for the bellydance crowd for a while; I can’t bellydance for the life of me, but I know so many lovely ladies (and a few men!) who can shake and turn so wonderfully. So this set was inspired by them and their art; it features a veil, a belt, and flowers for the hands and feet. It’s also my first foray into using fabric to a considerable extent, and I’m rather happy with the result.

The veil started with a red fox face that I reshaped; I left it somewhat flat so it would conform to the wearer’s head better; it’s held on with a pair of barrettes. The veil is made from pieces of vintage scarves, handmade and hand-dyed alpaca wool yarn, and painted shell jingles salvaged from a vintage purse. A vintage brass bell adds its own song. It’s 45″ long from end to end, and the veil bells out beautifully as the wearer moves. It’s quite lightweight as well. The fabric edges have been left unfinished; over time they’ll grow a bit more rough and tatterdemalion, adding to the wild nature of this set.

The belt uses some of the same components as the veil–scarves, yarn, more brass bells, and shells. Its base is a belt of black deerskin connected by three vintage brass rings,m sewn and riveted for additional strength. The centerpiece is a HUGE red fox tail, 23″ long, while two smaller red fox tails sit closer to the front. The front two rings tie together with a hand-cut and hand-braided cord made from three different colors of deerskin. The belt, without the cord, is just under 30″ long.

The hand and foot flowers are all made with vintage red fox paws with claws. All have brass bells, and the handflowers additionally have decorative strips of black deerskin at the top. All tie on with strong deerskin. This is a one of a kind set that will not be duplicated; there’s a couple of days’ worth of work invested in it, and it’s easily one of my most elaborate sets!

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