Przewalski’s Drum






January 2013
Price: $425 – available for purchase on Etsy

This is my most ambitious painted drum yet! I started with a 13″ horse hide drum on a cedar frame; I cut the head and the lacing myself from a whole horse raw hide. Once the drum was dry I painted it freehand with acrylics. The centerpiece is a wild Przewalski’s horse running across the open steppes; once ranging all across Europe and Asia, and featured in cave paintings in France and elsewhere, the Przewalski’s horse went extinct in the wild in the mid 20th century. Thankfully breeding programs have led to reintroduction of a few of these truly wild horses (don’t worry–the horse hide and horse hair for this drum are from domestic horses, not Przewalski’s!)

At one side of the painting I added renditions of a rather well-known quartet of horses from prehistoric paintings in Chauvet cave in southern France. I wanted to represent the ancient heritage of the Przewalski’s horse and the importance they and their equine cousins have had to us down the millenia. The painting was done with a combination of several different paint brushes and the more than occasional application of my fingertips!

As further detail and connection to equine energy, I added pieces of a black horse tail that i got in a trade to the four quarter points of the drum. I left the leather lacings I tied them on with long, and further decorated them with bits of vintage embroidery thread in colors matching the grass in the paintings. The drum does NOT come with a hanger; in some of the pictures I simply used a piece of deerskin lacing to tie it to the screen it’s hanging on.

The beater is made from a thick hardwood dowel, painted with acrylics in brown with tan and white rounded lozenges. The head of the beater is padded and wrapped in leather. Finally, I added another piece of black horse tail to the end of the beater.