Pocket Forest.




November 2014

$23.00 – available for purchase on Etsy

I have rather a fondness for boxes, especially little bitty ones that are just perfect for hiding away tiny treasures. At a thrift shop a while back I found this little cedar wood box; it had once been a souvenir from Glacier National Park (as printed on its lid). I opened it up, and the sweet scent of cedar oil still wafted out, and I was inspired to create a miniature forest!

Like the cedar trees that still grow, this little box supports a diversity of beings! Deerskin leather from another crafter’s stash forms the foundation for a prairie dog jaw found by another artist, pheasant feathers and a bit of deer antler, tumbled stones and dried plants from thrift shopping, and a few Douglas fir cone scales found in my own neighborhood.

I chose to leave the rest of the box in its “original” varnished finish; the distressing gives it more of a story to tell.

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