Peacock Wings and Tail Set








July 2013
Price: $750 – available for purchase on Etsy

This is one of my most elaborate costume pieces yet! I was fortunate enough to obtain a set of wings and tail from a peacock, and had to make them into this incredible piece. They’re hand-sewn and strapped to a handmade adjustable black deerskin leather underbust bustier that I made; the shoulder straps and waistline are both adjustable with lacing. The back of the bustier is decorated with a hand-painted leather feather design in colored matching those of the peacock. The set does require a second person to help put it on, but the wings are surprisingly lightweight and balance nicely on the wearer’s shoulders. This is absolutely a one of a kind piece; thee will not be another like it!

Because of the curvature of the wings, which were already dried when I got them, and the positioning of the thickest parts of the bone, they tend to curve in upon the wearer like a capelet rather than extending out from the back. This makes them more compact and easier to wear at crowded conventions and other events.

As these are made with real wings, please allow them their natural details, quirks, and flaws; some of the feathers, for example, resisted my attempts to “re-zip” their edges. Also, please take time to get to know how they fit your body best; they may not fit everyone exactly the same and it may take a little while to figure out the best way to balance and tie them for your particular build.