Painted Red Fox Skull Necklace.




April 2013/March 2014
Price: $100 – available for purchase on Etsy

Please note that this necklace has been successfully repaired after unfortunate damage (not the initial damage covered by the leather patch on the forehead)! After this necklace was initially listed, it sustained significant damage at an event I was vending at. Part of the right rear portion brain casing was smashed in and the pieces lost. I have since resculpted the missing portion with epoxy putty and repainted it. The first picture is AFTER the repair was done; the fourth and fifth are before. You can’t even tell it’s been repaired unless you look really, really closely, and I’m rather proud of the repair job. However, I have reduced the price to reflect this.

This stunning necklace is centered on a real red fox skull (even has most of its teeth!) The poor thing had a bit of damage to the forehead, so I wanted to help make it lovelier again. I colored it in acrylics, with many painstakingly painted hash marks in an intricate pattern all over, and sealed the paint to protect against damage. If a fox were to have a third eye, that would be exactly where this one had a hole in the skull, so I covered it in deep green deerskin leather with three beautiful real stone cabochons on it. Finally, the skull may be worn or hung by its hand-braided satin and artificial sinew cord.

While this lovely necklace would be an outgoing wearable, it can also be hung on a shrine or other sacred place to carry Fox energy into your rituals and devotions. Please be aware that the actual color is a little less “minty” than shown; it was tough to get a good shot of all the colors!

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