Painted Axis Deer Cape


September 2014

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A while back I was able to obtain this gorgeous axis deer hide, complete with the tail and the two forelegs and hooves. It’s not a fawn, but a full-grown adult, as adults of this species maintain their spots for life. I folded the front portion of the hide over and painted on the leather; it features a stag surrounded by greenery, with the sun and a waning and waxing moon overhead.

In order to keep the cape from slipping back and putting pressure on the wearer’s throat, I developed a unique design using straps tied behind the wearer’s back to balance the cape out. White deerskin straps are tied to the forelegs of the deer hide, which cross over the wearer’s chest. My design allows the wearer to wear this piece with comfort, without the constant need to pull it forward.

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