Nature’s Treasure Chest





November 2014


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Over the years I’ve collected a wide variety of natural items for use in my art. This piece combines a variety of little bits and pieces from that foraging and trade, all combined in one lovely art piece–with a practical side!

The wooden box that serves as the base of this piece came from a thrift store; it was in fine condition, just abandoned to its fate by a previous owner. I stained it with wood stain bought secondhand from an art supply salvage shop, giving it a beautiful golden brown finish.

I then decorated the lid with an array of natural items–prairie dog skulls found by another artist, a chicken bone from supper a while back, moss and lichens and air plants all dried and preserved, bits of fossilized bone and a wood bead from thrift shops. There are rodent jaws from owl pellets, and dried roses from an old craft supply shop, quartz crystals traded for years ago, and a few bits of horse hide trimmed from a larger project, with pheasant feathers and bits of pages from a book on the social lives of our fellow creatures.

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