Lunar Eclipse.





March 2014
$60.00 – available for purchase on Etsy

It amazes me, sometimes, what will come of a blank painting, a sheet of nothingness. The perceived nothingness of a lunar eclipse–the ancient idea that the moon had gone away–inspired me to create this piece. I layered acrylic paints and chalk on a canvas panel from another artist’s destash; over this I decoupaged a brief story/poem I wrote:

The moon shines silver in the sky
‘Til the earth, coveting her wealth,
Grasps at her with badger’s claws
And the world goes dark.

In the lower left corner I placed a deer antler moon with a hand-drawn expression of unhappiness and resentment, the moon’s response to being captured by the earth (herself symbolized by a single American badger claw). Between this vignette and the poem I scattered shell and wood beads like stars. Then to frame the piece, I molded burlap around the canvas and stiffened it, and attached wire to the back so the piece may be displayed on any wall.

“Lunar Eclipse” is a small but ambitious work; many layers of medium and many hours of design and exacting work went into making it a reality.

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