Javelina Headdress





July 2012
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This is a piece that I created for my fashion show at RAW Artists: Mixology in Portland in July 2012; the last photo is a shot from the show itself.

I made this headdress from a javelina cape that I got from a taxidermist; I reshaped it and added a “veil” of chocolate brown deerskin leather in the back. On the cape I stitched one of the javelina’s legskins, as well as over 30 large African porcupine quills and some smaller American porcupine quills as well. The little brown disks are painted shell from a vintage purse I salvaged; they make a lovely jingling sound to go along with the light click of the quills. Strong deerskin straps hold this surprisingly lightweight headdress on securely.

There’s a LOT of work put into this headdress; the quills were literally a pain to stitch in as they still have pointy ends (though Tanuja, the lovely model who wore the headdress in the show, reported no problems when wearing it). But it was totally worth it, and the pictures don’t do this headdress justice at all!