Gold Wolf Headdress



May 2013
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This is one of my very favorite colors of wolf hide, a beautiful white with golden highlights and dark markings. The pictures simply don’t convey just how amazing this wolf’s coloration is! And at 73 1/2″ long, she’s a big one, too! You can see how she fits on 5’4″ me; while she’s be less scrunched on a taller person, she’d be fine on a smaller dancer, too.

I did have to put quite a bit of work into her. When I got her, not only was her face badly misshapen, but she had a bad tear in her back and the fur there is somewhat worn in one spot, and her right foreleg was partially torn off. It took quite a bit of reshaping and stitching to get her back together, but she looks fantastic! Her only flaw is that her right foreleg did end up a little bit shorter than the left (you can see this in the second picture), but it doesn’t affect her wearability at all. Her forelegs still tie securely over the wearer’s chest, and you can tie her back legs to your legs as well. Her head is big enough that it may be worn as a mask (tie the straps behind your head) or on top of the head (tie the straps under the chin). I added coyote teeth to her muzzle to give her fangs as well.

Overall, she’s easily one of the most gorgeous wolf headdresses I’ve made, and a very hard color to come by. She has a very regal spirit, with a lot of power; she’d be fantastic for ritual work and sacred dance, and carries a lot of visual presence.