Four Seasons.






May 2015
$80 – available for purchase on Etsy

Meet the Four Seasons! These little horses carry emblems of the flora and fauna associated with each turn of the year, carefully painted in acrylics. (Pictures taken before acrylics were sealed; sealant has a slight gloss that makes photography more tricky.) Here’s who’s in the set:

Spring: This is the 1998 sculpt Appaloosa; the poor guy was completely missing his back left leg when I got him, so I made him a new one so he can stand sturdy and strong. He’s painted in a light sage green with long grass, and brown streaks in his mane and tail. On his right side, a green heron peeks out of the reeds, signifying the spring migration of birds to historical nesting sites.

Summer: Here’s the rearing Andalusian, repainted in a lush avocado green. Bright sunflowers adorn his coat, and a butterfly inspired by tiger swallowtails rides his back. Streaks of yellow and brown run through his mane and tail.

Autumn: I repainted this cantering warmblood in an earthy brown, adorned with a scattering of gold and copper leaves and streaks through the mane and tail. A chestnut-backed chickadee spreads its wings over the horse’s back, a reminder that all birds are preparing for the winter to come, whether through long migrations, or just a hop to better feeding grounds.

Winter: This Andalusian looks gorgeous in his coat of gray and white. On his right side a fox walks across a snowy field, while a tree slumbers in the chill, waiting for the warmth of spring.

SOLD AS A SET ONLY. Please do not ask me to sell them individually.

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