Forest Guardian.






November 2014

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I’ve been working on a bunch of new bone knives; this one, named Forest Guardian, is made from the base of a red stag antler left from other projects and a sustainably harvested Oregon myrtle wood blade with absolutely gorgeous coloration. The hilt is wrapped in chocolate brown deerskin; the rosette of the antler has been left natural, but I painted the “button” from where the brow tine used to be with a gold cross to create the planetary symbol for Earth (a cross within a circle). Because of its curvature, it fits more nicely in the left hand than the right (though right handed people shouldn’t be deterred if they feel this knife needs to be theirs!) The sheath is also deerskin, and is adorned with a real gold-plated aspen leaf. Below it are dangles made from tiny horn and wood beads strung on artificial sinew, with goldtone charms representing a wolf, a turtle and a bird, all animals of the forest.

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