Flora et Fauna II.





August 2014

$265 – Available for purchase on Etsy

Now and then when I am out at the thrift shops I see something and know exactly what to make it into. This lovely wooden tray is a good example; the bottom of the tray was already painted with lovely purple flowers, but the sides were bare. So I matched the background paint and painted the rest of the bare wood on the sides and back. I then attached a coyote skull, found by another artist; it’s not painted white, just bleached by the sun. I did paint accent coloration on the skull to match the colors of the flowers on the tray. And around the edges of the tray I added dried moss and secondhand faux flowers. As a final touch, a pair of Tillandsia air plants rest in the skull’s eye sockets, making this a lovely intersection of life and death, natural and artificial.

The air plants are incredibly easy to care for. No daily misting, as this could potentially cause mold to grow on the rest of the piece. Instead, all you have to do is soak the Tillandsia in water for 2-3 hours every two weeks, and add a bit of organic plant fertilizer to the water during spring and fall. Let the plant air-dry on a towel, and then place it back in its nest, deep enough that it will stay put but not so deep that it can’t get sun.

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