Five Elements Shrine



May 2014
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When people think of the four classic elements (plus Spirit to round it out) the descriptions can sometimes get pretty woo-woo and abstract. This little shrine to the elements is more grounded in the physical world and its wonders.

I reclaimed the frame from a thrift shop; it was unfinished, so I stained it with wood stain that came from a secondhand art supply shop (someone had donated many partial cans of stain to them!) On the back of the frame, I added information about the contents of the corked glass vials in the shelf below; you can read the full description of each in the first picture, but here’s the short version:

Earth: graphite from old pencils to represent Carbon, the most abundant solid element in the universe
Air: Pheasant feathers, one of the most amazing feats of evolutionary engineering
Fire: Dried lichen, one of nature’s tinders to feed lightning-strike fires
Water: Water from the Pacific Ocean; the cork on this vial has been treated to prevent evaporation
Spirit: A stick wound with spider webs (the spiders had long gone) to represent the intricate connections among all living beings (humans included) and their environments

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