Earth Mother Pouch




September 2013
Price: $55 – available for purchase on Etsy

The earth and its denizens are some of the most important inspirations I have. I chose the elements of this pouch as a way to honor the earth and waters that give us all life, focusing on reclaimed materials for its creation.

I hand-wove a variety of secondhand yarns in earthtones and blues, with a touch of gold thread reclaimed from another crafter, all on a handmade loom. For several hours I carefully chose the colors and textures of each row of weaving. I adorned the front of the pouch with a wooden disc and tassels of handspun thin yarn, raffia, and three charms: a clay fish, a glass leaf, and a metal feather. I even hand-braided the cords from brown wool yarn, and decorated the ends with brass bells (these bells were the only components of this pouch that were bought new, rather than being acquired secondhand or from another crafter’s collection). The pouch is warm and soft to the touch, and the colors and textures blend together in a pleasing way.