Deer Fern





May 2014
Price: $80.00 – available for purchase on Etsy

There is a particular fern, Blechnum spicant, which is commonly known as the deer fern. In this assemblage piece, I decided to take that name a little more literally!

The base is a vintage wooden plaque, painted with dark brown stain, that used to hold a pair of deer antlers. Rather than cover up the unstained portion in the center where the skullcap once was, I simply gave the entire piece a coat of natural wood stain (obtained secondhand from a local art supply salvage store). I further decorated it with cuttings from an old, out of date textbook on plant biology, using part of a page discussing the evolution of ferns. I etched the wood around the paper a bit, and decorated the pieces with colored pencils and acrylic paint. I then mounted a partial deer skull left over from another project of mine on the plaque, with faux ferns tucked beneath its edges. Two more of these ferns were planted in the skull where the antler was cut off.

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