Decorated Gold Wolf Headdress.







July 2012
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This headdress was featured in my fashion show at the July 2012 RAW Artists: Mixology show in Portland, Oregon. You can see him along with several of my other pieces in the last photo.

Bought from a reputable wholesaler, this Canadian hide is a beautiful creamy white with golden-red shading and deep black grizzling. A truly golden wolf! I reshaped his head and opened his eyes so he may safely be worn as either a headdress or a mask.

He had a bare patch right between his shoulders, so I hand-stitched a piece of golden buckskin over it. For additional decoration, I added a handmade gray ceramic wolf pendant, two real coyote canine teeth, and a long tassel of yarn, some vintage and some homespun, in colors that matched his coat. His tail also had a short length near the end where the fur was all gone, so I added yarn there as well to cover it and create an accent. And although nothing was wrong with his head, he wanted long yarn tassels there too, so I indulged him.

Even without his legs, this wolf is almost too big for me to wear–a monstrous 77″ from tip of nose to tip of tail! He has strong black deerskin straps to tie him on at the chin, chest, and legs, distributing his weight evenly so he may be worn more comfortably.

He is a truly magnificent sight, definitely one of a kind, and the pictures don’t do him justice.

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