Conflict (Two of Swords).

conflict1 conflict2 conflict3 conflict4

October 2015

$500 – available for purchase on Etsy

Every year I create a piece for a tarot-themed art show here in Portland. This is my 2015 creation, “Conflict”, based on the Two of Swords. This card speaks of opposing forces, confusion and chaos, often leading to the subjects being so blinded by their fight that they miss potential solutions. Something has to give–but it may be unclear what the outcome will be, especially if no one makes a conscious decision to change the situation.

The backboard for this piece is made from old cedar fence boards sourced in Portland, with new ash planks to stabilize the back. I cut an old pronghorn skull I found in a Missouri antique shop in half, both to create the two combatants, and to remind us that we are often our own worst enemies. A metal crescent moon hearkens back to the Rider-Waite-Smith card, and reminds us that change is inevitable, no matter how much we resist. A bit of sage twig that came with the skull, along with secondhand dried flowers, further set the stage. Pieces of old biology textbooks and stale coffee beans add visual interest.

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