Columbia River Drum.





November 2013
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When I made this lovely little 8″ drum, I found that the stretch marks across the hide looked very much like a birds-eye view of a river watershed, with streams feeding into the bigger waterway. So I painted these waters in blue and silver acrylic paint. Flanking the rivers are a coho salmon and sockeye salmon on one side, and a white sturgeon on the other, representing three of the most iconic fish of the Columbia River. The paint has been sealed with an acrylic sealant. Please be aware that the pictures do NOT do justice to the painting!

I cut the head and lacing by hand from a whole horse raw hide to create this drum, using a handmade (not by me) willow oak hoop. The lacing is much stronger and durable than artificial sinew, and as it is cut from the same hide as the head it creates a more harmonious energy. It’s been woven into a strong, four-way handle, much sturdier and easier to hold than thin, radiating straps alone.

The beater is made from a thick hardwood dowel, painted brown with acrylics. The head of the beater is padded and also wrapped in leather, and then decorated with a braid of secondhand yarn.

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