Cascadian Forest Collection






June 2014
Price: $300 (includes shipping) – available for purchase on Etsy

The Pacific Northwest is best known for its ecologically complex forests, dominated by conifers and sustaining a rich diversity of fauna, flora and fungi. This collection celebrates these woodland and their denizens, from the volcanic basalt that forms the land, to the trees and birds and other beings of the wild, to the Columbia River that runs through them all.

Contained within the reclaimed wood mini-cabinet, hand-painted in earthy greens and browns, is a wealth of specimens legally collected from the area, or representatives thereof. Scraps of fur sit alongside dried lichens. A vial of the Columbia River nestles between salmon bones and sphagnum moss. I even hand-painted three replica eggs to represent a trio of birds protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. From the land to the water to the sky, the forest is brought into this tiny microcosm.

The entire collection includes:

1. Elk
2. Virginia Opossum
3. Salmon
4. Gray Fox
5. Coyote
6. Mule Deer
7. North American Beaver
8. Anna’s Hummingbird
9. Steller’s Jay
10. Osprey
11. Pacific Wren
12. Pacific Rhododendron
13. Western Hemlock
14. Douglas Fir
15. Red Alder
16. Western Maidenhair Fern
17. Sphagnum Moss
18. Fly Agaric
19. Chicken of the Woods
20. Lungwort Lichen
21. Oakmoss
22. Basalt
23. Petrified Wood
24. Columbia River Water

To help you navigate your collection, I’ve written a booklet that explains what each specimen is and a little about what makes it special. This is no copy-and-paste of internet articles; it is a culmination of careful research and experience. You will receive a copy of this booklet with your collection at no additional cost.

Anyone can toss a few random natural items in a box and call it a “cabinet of curiosities”. I prefer to create a more complete, themed collection with an educational intent in line with the original wunderkammern. Uniquely among wunderkammer artisans, I enhance each collection by writing a guidebook for it, detailing the purpose behind the collection and what makes each piece in it special. If you would like a custom collection curated for you, complete with informational booklet, please contact me.

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