Balance of Predator and Prey Shrine.



April 2013
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Those who take from the land must also remember to maintain the balance of the land; remove all the predators and the prey will take over. The bound, almost toothless jaws of the coyote allow the mouse to go free. Both animals are needed in this world. This wall hanging is a small reminder of our responsibility as the species that has most changed the face of this earth; we can only push the balance so far.

I started off with a pair of coyote jaws (which I got from a private collection) in which all but one tooth–a molar–was missing. I secured them together, and painted them in a wash of brown acrylic paint. They’re bound together with waxed cord, and thin copper wire salvaged from dead computer parts. At one end I attached a real mouse jaw from an owl pellet, and at the other an old pewter bead. Along the lengths of the jaws, I decoupaged a phrase from an old ecology textbook: “Where man has reduced the rodent predators such as coyotes, a rodent epidemic often results”.

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