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December 2015

$75 – available for purchase on Etsy

I’ve always loved the classic Black Stallion mold, and thought he’d make a great unicorn! So when I got this one in my box o’ Breyer bodies, I had to give him a fantastic makeover! I sculpted a horn for him out of epoxy putty on a wire armature and removed his Breyer logo. I then gave him an absolutely stunning new coat in acrylic in blue and white pinto with an overlay of gloss, and silver on his horn and left forehoof. The pictures do NOT do justice to his coloration. Please note photos were taken before the acrylic sealant was added to make it slightly easier to take his pictures.

Conflict (Two of Swords)

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October 2015

$500 – available for purchase on Etsy

Every year I create a piece for a tarot-themed art show here in Portland. This is my 2015 creation, “Conflict”, based on the Two of Swords. This card speaks of opposing forces, confusion and chaos, often leading to the subjects being so blinded by their fight that they miss potential solutions. Something has to give–but it may be unclear what the outcome will be, especially if no one makes a conscious decision to change the situation.

The backboard for this piece is made from old cedar fence boards sourced in Portland, with new ash planks to stabilize the back. I cut an old pronghorn skull I found in a Missouri antique shop in half, both to create the two combatants, and to remind us that we are often our own worst enemies. A metal crescent moon hearkens back to the Rider-Waite-Smith card, and reminds us that change is inevitable, no matter how much we resist. A bit of sage twig that came with the skull, along with secondhand dried flowers, further set the stage. Pieces of old biology textbooks and stale coffee beans add visual interest.

Vulpes Coffea

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October 2015

$60 – available for purchase on Etsy

A cracked red fox skull is centered in the middle of a metal frame that I aged with paint. Old coffee beans (much too stale to brew) make for a unique accent. All this creates a lovely display for a real, live Tillandsia air plant set into the skull’s cranium. It is meant to sit on a shelf rather than hang on the wall.


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October 2015

$60 – available for purchase on Etsy

I love being able to take damaged skulls and making them into something beautiful! In this case, it’s an American badger skull with a broken cranium which I set on a vintage wooden frame. The frame is decorated with secondhand paper decoupage and a bit of wear and tear from the years. All this creates a lovely display for a real, live Tillandsia air plant set into the skull’s cranium.







May 2015

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I’ve wanted to make a pegasus with real wings for a long time, and I finally found the right combination! While most birds in the United States are protected by law, the European starling is invasive and these wings are likely from a professional exterminator (I did not prep them myself).

I added them to a Breyer action stock horse foal (traditional scale) that I got from a thrift store. The left foreleg had been broken off and lost, so I sculpted a new one for it, and I gave him a new paint job inspired by the non-breeding colors of the starling. He makes a striking little winged horse, galloping to get up speed for takeoff! A truly one of a kind custom.

Four Seasons






May 2015
$80 – available for purchase on Etsy

Meet the Four Seasons! These little horses carry emblems of the flora and fauna associated with each turn of the year, carefully painted in acrylics. (Pictures taken before acrylics were sealed; sealant has a slight gloss that makes photography more tricky.) Here’s who’s in the set:

Spring: This is the 1998 sculpt Appaloosa; the poor guy was completely missing his back left leg when I got him, so I made him a new one so he can stand sturdy and strong. He’s painted in a light sage green with long grass, and brown streaks in his mane and tail. On his right side, a green heron peeks out of the reeds, signifying the spring migration of birds to historical nesting sites.

Summer: Here’s the rearing Andalusian, repainted in a lush avocado green. Bright sunflowers adorn his coat, and a butterfly inspired by tiger swallowtails rides his back. Streaks of yellow and brown run through his mane and tail.

Autumn: I repainted this cantering warmblood in an earthy brown, adorned with a scattering of gold and copper leaves and streaks through the mane and tail. A chestnut-backed chickadee spreads its wings over the horse’s back, a reminder that all birds are preparing for the winter to come, whether through long migrations, or just a hop to better feeding grounds.

Winter: This Andalusian looks gorgeous in his coat of gray and white. On his right side a fox walks across a snowy field, while a tree slumbers in the chill, waiting for the warmth of spring.

SOLD AS A SET ONLY. Please do not ask me to sell them individually.




September 2014


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Here’s one of my favorite assemblage pieces so far! I mounted a real bobcat skull, which I got from another artist’s destash, on a backing covered in decorative paper from a thrift store. The frame is also secondhand; I sanded off part of the white paint and then stained the bare wood with wood stain, also from a thrift store. All this creates a lovely display for a pair of real, live Tillandsia air plants set into the skull’s sockets.